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Hardik Pandya Car Price Collection List

Cricket Player Hardik Pandya Car’s Collection

Hardik Pandya is an Indian cricket crew player. He is a right-given batsman and right-arm bowler. He appeared in the Indian Premier League in 2015. He has been a fundamental player for the Mumbai Indians as he drove them to triumph in an essential match. Notwithstanding, in the Indian Premier League 2022, Hardik Pandiya is assuming control over the captaincy of another establishment named Gujarat Titans. He is among the most renowned and adored Cricket players in the Indian group. He has an enormous fan following. His fans follow him and every one of his interests. One of the significant frenzies his fans revere him for other than his cricket is his adoration for vehicles.

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Hardik Pandya Lamborghini Huracan EVO

It is incredibly straightforward the affection Hardik Pandya has for Lamborghini Huracan EVO. It is a mainly traditional wonder. He purchased a radiant orange variety in this model. It is a firm decision that suits his personality. The vehicle costs him around 3.73 crores of Indian rupees. It is an exceptionally smooth ride, requiring 2.9 seconds to go from 0 to 100. There is a 5.2 liter motor in it. It is a motor sort V10. This supercar is a genuinely pleasurable ride.

Hardik Pandya New Car Mercedes G-Wagon

This Mercedes G-cart is a monster. Hardik Pandya has this vehicle in a palladium silver metallic tone. It sparkles in the sun as the affection for his vehicle sparkles in his eyes. Mercedes G-Wagon is his most preferred vehicle. He takes it wherever, from family suppers to various gatherings. This monster is his closest companion. Its cost is assessed between 1.72 to 2.55 crores in Indian rupees.

Hardik Pandya Car Price of Jeep Compass

The cost of a Jeep Compass vehicle ranges between 18.03 lakh to 30.97 lakh in Indian rupees. It gives a mileage of 14.9 KMPL. It has power control. Hardik Pandya has this in a dark red tone. He got it to give as a gift to his dad. He got it soon after a month of its delivery which occurred in August of 2017.

Hardik Pandya Range Rover Vogue

Each vehicle sweetheart falls head over heels for a Range Rover, and with regards to Range Rover Vogue, most would agree that this is the guardian of the Range Rovers. This vehicle is to be assessed at 2.26 crore in Indian Rupees. Hardik Pandya has it in a white tone. It is, by all accounts, his Instagram vehicle, as the more significant part of his vehicle pictures on his Instagram feed is the white Range Rover Vogue. It gives a mileage of 9.26 KMPL with a 2996cc motor.

Hardik Pandya Car Audi A6

Audi A6 is one of the most preferred vehicles that sell in India. Hardik Pandya added Audi A6 to his assortment in the carport in 2018. He got it for around 65 lakh in Indian rupees. The way to Audi A6 was given to Hardik Pandya by, as a matter of fact, the head of Audi Indian, Rahil Ansari. It is an extravagance vehicle which, to be sure, suits the extravagance ruler himself.

Has Hardik Pandya Rolls Royce On His Own?

Hardik Pandya has a highly profound love for his vehicles. He appreciates purchasing extravagant toys, and it tends to be seen that he appears to be extremely happy with them. In this manner, it was unrealistic that the image of vehicle extravagance, Rolls Royce, didn’t make it into his carport. He posted a couple of photos of his family in his carport with a Rolls Royce in August of 2020, telling the universe of his new expansion. Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Hardik Pandya’s partner in the Indian cricket crew, likewise has a Rolls Royce. So it very well may be seen that the two colleagues share the adoration for vehicles to a degree.

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